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This site will illuminate how Scripture portrays the last days events.

Through the Rapture book, you will envision the Scripturally plausible events that unfold after the Rapture with the Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist. Through the Heaven book, you will be brought into the picturesque wonderland of Heaven that will be a veritable banquet to your eyes.


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Unimaginably, every child the world over suddenly disappears in The Rapture, taken in the blink of an eye, along with a quarter of the population at large. Theories abound, but the truth cannot be suppressed, the Rapture has occurred and the Great Tribulation, and rule of the Antichrist is about to begin.

Christian Rapture Books

Christian Rapture Books by Dr. David Orlowski

Doogie’s relentless genius and years of federally funded spadework suddenly pay off when the M.I.T. computer servers explode to life with the inception of artificial intelligence. At that same time, untold numbers of people mysteriously vanish worldwide in The Rapture. The remaining populace is left unnerved and vulnerable to hostile takeover. Dark forces, working with the Antichrist, are at work as Doogie and his A.I. are abducted and used by the Antichrist to exact a tectonic geopolitical shift in power at the onset of the Tribulation. But angelic forces have a countering balance of their own. Katie, a young lady of extraordinary intellect and passion is poised to disrupt the Antichrist’s dark purposes. Even Katie however, could not anticipate the angelic-demonic convergence that would expose itself around her.

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