Yearly Archives: 2013

The Rapture

The Rapture - The Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist is a thrilling adventure story that picks up after the Rapture and uncovers how the Antichrist will gain world dominion. This Scripturally plausible narrative is based on more than 220 scriptures depicting the Great Tribulation.  Your imagination will be riveted when you behold the angelic-demonic convergence that takes place...

Our first 22 Days in Heaven

Our First 22 Days in Heaven is profoundly visual, depicting Scripture’s imagined wonderland of heavenscapes with picturesque enchantment. Appealing to more than 550 scriptures, the dazzling narratives illuminate not only the promised afterlife with unbridled glory, but God the Father, Son and Spirit in Their magnificent love. This book arouses and electrifies as it takes...

Personality Test

The Personality Test may well provide you with the most useful information on the inner workings of your personality that you have ever received. Here is a tremendous resource for helping you to discern any bonding, performance, control and behavior issues. The Personality Profile Test measures your reliance on conditional versus unconditional love. It provides...