Our first 22 Days in Heaven

Our First 22 Days in Heaven is profoundly visual, depicting Scripture’s imagined wonderland of heavenscapes with picturesque enchantment. Appealing to more than 550 scriptures, the dazzling narratives illuminate not only the promised afterlife with unbridled glory, but God the Father, Son and Spirit in Their magnificent love. This book arouses and electrifies as it takes the reader through what will likely be their first twenty-two days in Heaven, based on the three fall feasts of Israel. Using fictional characters to dramatize events of a family’s journey of crossing over, this book awakens our longing for God’s unconditional love.

Our First 22 Days in Heaven is a Heaven book that walks you into Scripture’s paradise. You will behold Heaven’s Outer Court (Ezek 10:5; Heb 8:2-5; 9:2) with Eden’s gardens stretched out before you (Joel 2:3). In no time, your vision will be filled with the Crystal Sea’s radiance (Rev 4:6; 15:2) as it sits elegantly before Mount Sinai’s towering presence (Ps 68:17-18; Rev 21:10). For all who trust in Jesus, you will enter into Heaven’s Inner Court through the Sinai Passage and Stones of Fire (Ezek 28:14). As you pass through, the Spirit’s fires will magnify your gold, and burn away your dross (I Cor 3:12-15), at which time you will be given your imperishable body (15:53-54). Coming into the Inner Court, you will see the translucent city, New Jerusalem (Rev 21), shimmering and iridescent as a costly gem stone. There you will gather to celebrate with the twelve spiritual tribes of Israel.

But there is more – the Third Heaven, where Paul the Apostle was taken (II Cor 12:2). This is the Holy of Holies, where God’s temple resides on what is called the Mount of Assembly (Ezek 28:14, 16). Mount Zion is the very habitation of the Father (Ps 132:13-14) and flowing down it as the dew of Hermon is the Spirit’s glorious presence (Ps 133:3). Scripture has so much more to say, and Our First 22 Days in Heaven takes you into Heaven’s inner confines. Prepare your heart to be filled with anticipation for coming before the Lord in His grace and glory.

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