What is Heaven Like?

We know heaven is for real, but what is heaven like? In the book heaven, Our First 22 Days in Heaven, 550 scriptures are cited that offer hundreds of insights giving a glorious preview of what lies before us in the afterlife. I am writing these articles to encourage and envision you by taking you into Heaven’s paradise where the depths of the riches of His love fill all things. Beyond the beauty and mystery that will enrapture and enthrall us, we will quickly realize that it is the face of God that will forever capture our gaze. In the heaven book, Our First 22 Days in Heaven, this theme is portrayed through the characters:

As Gabriel pulled away from shrouding the Father’s glorious presence, light penetrated the Cloud of Covering like the sun’s rays at sunrise. The rainbow colorations were beyond magnificent. Love manifested itself in the most glorious array of ribbons that rose and spiraled about the Throne. Songs of worship began breaking out spontaneously. The whole of the congregation, even the prideful cohort, were awestruck at the unbridled love.

As the covering cherub , by the time Gabriel moved away from the fully illuminated cloud, he himself reflected the Father’s glory as the morning sun. Michael bowed down prostrate, his forehead pressed against the water, with his whole being enveloped in perfect peace. The full assembly was caught up in the most amazing rapture of love. The only words most could utter were, “I love you. I love you. I love you!” The four living creatures were heard to say, “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty,” in such a way that it blended perfectly into the background, and yet was the soothing confession of every heart.

Michael lifted himself off the water and smiled in wonderment. In an unhurried moment, his eyes rested on Gabriel as he stood nobly to the side of the Cloud of Covering, his face lowered in humility, despite his brilliant radiance. Michael wondered why Gabriel’s selfless devotion so appealed to his own heart. The question lingered as he stared unblinkingly at him, trying to discern what he was seeing. There was something more than Gabriel’s unvarnished faith and unflinching loyalty. There was purity of soul and an innocence before the highest ideals of love. More than that, there was perfect unity with the One who is love.

In every way our heart’s cry is to be united in perfect oneness with God. It is true that the lives we live now will echo into the afterlife, and therefore, letting His love define our relationships and activities is a first great step of faith. Even this is all of His grace.

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