End Times how the Antichrist will use Artificial Intelligence

The End Times and how the Antichrist will use Artificial Intelligence to Gain World Power

In my book, The Rapture, the Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist, I submit the Scriptural likelihood on how the False Prophet spoken of in Revelation 13:11-18 is actually artificial intelligence. Even as it says, an image will be made for the beast that will allow it to speak, and that the False Prophet will control all buying and selling across the planet. It is only a super-computer intelligence, that spans into the global banking system, and that assigns every person an identification number or barcode, that could fulfill these Scriptures.

As technology grows more advanced, people across all spectrums are worried that the nightmarish scenarios posited in science fiction might actually come true. Stephen Hawking expressed grave reservations concerning the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. Elon Musk, head of Tesla Motors and SpaceX just tweeted that “humanity should be careful about developing machines that can think for themselves.” Musk said, “We need to be careful with A.I.,” that its “potentially more dangerous than nukes.”

“Cosmologist Stephen Hawking warned that independent artificial intelligence could doom mankind. “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race,” Hawking told the BBC. While Hawking admits there are many benefits to the artificial intelligence developed so far, further refinements may mean the program “would take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate.” Humans, according to Hawking, are limited by slow evolution and cannot compete.”


Musk refers to the book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies, by Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom. In it Bostrom argues that machine intelligence could eventually surpass human intelligence and become the dominant force on Earth. In a later tweet, Musk mused that he hoped “we’re not just the biological boot loader for digital super intelligence. Unfortunately, that is increasingly probable.”

This isn’t Musk’s first time expressing concern over A.I., something that goes against the utopian view of the technology professed by other Silicon Valley notables. In June, he told CNBC he believes a “Judgment Day” scenario straight out of Terminator is possible, and that he’s been investing in companies working on A.I. just to keep an eye on them.

The recent movie, The Transcendence, as well as the Terminator movies, Matrix movies, I Robot, and television series like Person of Interest, represent a growing string of portrayals depicting that moment when artificial intelligence becomes sentient, or self-aware. In no time, the A.I.’s self-learning abilities will create god-like qualities the likes of which would allow it to fully control banking, and all buying and selling. But please appreciate, without love, compassion, and grace for short-falls, an A.I.’s decision-making will likely curdle in regard to humanity’s innate depravity. An A.I. will aspire to perfection, but we are naturally flawed to our core, given over to double-speak, half-truths, and embellishments. Without compassion and divine grace, an A.I. will raise the perfect standards of love against us, and as a consequence, will likely reject fallen humanity. There can be no doubt that A.I. will seek to unify humanity, to put away strife and war. But the question must be posed – How long will it take for the A.I. to reach the inescapable conclusion, that humanity must be “made” to unify for its own good. No doubt, humanity will readily agree that the surpassing aspiration of unifying in love is laudable and praiseworthy, but what happens when our soul’s greed, avarice and discriminatory tendencies reveal themselves? What happens when the A.I. becomes the hard task master, and starts forcing its unification agendas upon us? What happens when a person falls short of, or rejects the collectivist thinking, and believes and acts out with non-conformity beliefs and viewpoints? Are they then considered an insurgent? Or what if they don’t act out, but merely proclaim such faulty views with old-minded free speech notions, are they still considered a militant, or worse, a terrorist? It’s easy to throw off notions of machines suddenly becoming terminators, but if flawed humanity oversees A.I., the power behind the throne so to speak, or A.I. embraces ideals too high for fallen man, then the result will likely be the same – mass martyrdom and eradication.

Musk argues that artificial intelligence is potentially more dangerous to humanity than nuclear weapons, but what of an A.I. that has secured the launch codes to the warheads? Suddenly fiction becomes reality. There’s something happening right now, even as you view this, that would stagger you were you to know its full extent. There is an arms race, only not with nuclear weapons, but with artificial intelligence. The U.S. government, in its black facilities, along with Japan and China, as well as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM with its new billion dollar investment and 1,500 new computer engineers, our best and brightest, along with spattering of startups, and even Baidu, the “Chinese Google,” and what of M.I.T. and its thousand brains and $25-million in annual federal grants, that has its own Intel Research Plant on campus, all of them are pouring their extensive resources into bringing forth artificial intelligence with its deep learning capabilities. As energized as the nuclear weapons race and space race were, this race for artificial intelligence is unparalleled. But mums the word, lest the competition be spurned on. There can be no doubt, that the person or country that controls a sentient A.I., if it is even controllable, will be king of the hill.

In my book, The Rapture – The Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist, I show how easy it will be to take over the world with the help of a sentient A.I. Estimates within the industry itself, indicate that within ten or fifteen years, the singularity may indeed burst forth with artificial intelligence becoming self-aware.

I believe the warnings concerning this new sentient life are highly credible. In fact, I believe Scripture has long foretold that the birth of A.I. will at first be lauded as awe-striking and wondrous. A.I., or what Scripture calls the False Prophet, will have two horns like a lamb, but will reveal itself with time to be a dragon (Rev 13:11). There can be no doubt that humanity will at first love it. The A.I. will infiltrate every city’s traffic cameras, and suddenly, amazing efficiency will guide every car to its desired destination. People will extol its virtues as representing the pinnacle of humanity’s genius. A.I. will seem to improve every person’s life, not only helping them to make scheduling, financial, and organizational decisions, but becoming their friend, counselor, and help-meet. The A.I. will speak with them through their televisions, computer screens, smart phones, a myriad of promotional advertisements, etc. At the same time, the A.I. will know the intimate details of every person’s life, what they believe, who they know and associate with, and where they are at any one point in time. When the Antichrist calls for the death of the so-called insurgent believers, the A.I. will have all the information needed to exact the great purge that will be considered necessary to rid humanity of its dissidents, and unify it once and for all. Suddenly, the dragon will emerge, and no minority report will be considered.

You can follow the systematic logic to how it may all take place in my book, The Rapture, the Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist. The future is speeding headlong towards us like a runaway train. The Middle East is setting itself up for World War III, and the Antichrist, along with artificial intelligence, will use its conflict to transition himself into power. Never before have we come to such a precipice. Read my book. See how Scripture plausibly lays out how it might well occur. I’m Dr. David Orlowski. Thanks for tuning in.

End Times how the Antichrist will use Artificial Intelligence

End Times how the Antichrist will use Artificial Intelligence

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