Isaiah 2 The Last Days Apocalypse Judgment

Isaiah 2 The Last Days Apocalypse Judgment – In my book, The RaptureThe Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist, I draw from the Book of Isaiah that provides key details for the Great Tribulation. As you will see, God reaches into the distant future to foretell of the coming apocalypse.

Moreover, God had Isaiah prophesy not only of Heaven’s paradise, but of Jesus’ millennial reign. Isaiah stated that he has been called to speak about the “last days” when Jesus will raise up Jerusalem to be the chief of mountains. In that future day, the nations will stream to Jerusalem in celebration of all that Jesus’ redemption has done for them. During Christ’s millennial reign, the people who are blessed to have survived the Tribulation, will enter it and begin multiplying to become an untold number. During this same time, Jesus will call upon many of us who have entered Heaven’s afterlife to return earthside to serve the peoples. Thus, in answering, “What is Heaven like?” many of us will find that we are tasked as glorified saints with overseeing the multiplying towns and cities of the world. Much like the angels who faithfully served us, albeit from behind the scenes, we will serve the peoples throughout the millennial years. The Heaven book, Our First 22 Days in Heaven, foretells of this future ministry. This Heaven preparation study from Isaiah will greatly increase your awareness of God’s working in these last days.


Verse 1: Isaiah declares that God is having him prophesy far into the future, all the way to the ‘last days.’

In verse 2, God foretells of Jesus’ millennium reign, when Jerusalem will be raised up as the chief of mountains. In that day, the people who inherit the blessing of entering the millennium will multiply to become nations again. Verse 3: Isaiah says the nations will stream to Jerusalem to be taught of the Lord, and to celebrate Jesus’ redemption and oversight of their lives.

Verse 4: The law of love will go forth from Zion, as glorified saints oversee the cities of the world. God will establish them as judges for the peoples, rendering decisions as to how love would define itself in every situation. Whether in commerce, politics, or the arts, love will become the defining standard for all things. During the Millennial reign, there will be no war.
Verse 5: In the first half of the Tribulation, God calls for Israel to walk in the light of His love.

Verse 6: But Israel instead abandons the Lord for the Antichrist and worship of materialism.

Verse 7: Israel sells out to Babylon that lies to its east, and welcomes its riches. The children of the Antichrist are instructed to strike bargains with Israel, wooing it with worldly wealth, until its treasuries are filled.

Verse 8: The influx of goods is so startling, that Israel lavishes in its wealth, until that is, the second half of the Tribulation begins. During this time, the finest of jewelry, art works, cars, etc. will pour into Israel. But Israel’s hearts will soon trust in its new found wealth, rather than the Lord.

Verse 9: But towards the end of the first 3 ? years of the Tribulation, Israel will be humbled and abased.

Verse 10: In that day, the survivors of Israel will hide themselves in the rock, as the pelting meteorites of the Sixth Seal (Rev 6:12-17) decimate the landscape until it languishes with unrelenting fury.

Verse 11: God promises that the proud look of the arrogant will be lost.

Verse 12: God promises a “day of reckoning” that will strike down the pride of men. In that day, the Sixth Seal, as described in Revelation 6:12-18, will see the meteorites fall as a fig tree that casts its unripe figs to the ground.

Verse 13: The sky will split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and will strike down forests of trees.

Verse 14: Mountains will be moved out of their place.

Verses 15-16: No man-made structures will offer protection, but all will hide themselves in the caves and among the rocks, and will cry to the mountains, ‘Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb.

Verse 17: For the great day of God’s wrath will come, and who’s pride will stand?

Verse 18: In that hour, Israel’s luxurious lifestyle will be lost, and it will become poverty stricken. Even those who believe, will sustain themselves on bread and water.

Verse 19: The astronomers will see the plagues beforehand, making mankind aware of the devastation that is coming.

Verse 20: Suddenly, silver and gold will become worthless, as every person will trade all for food.

Verse 21: The impending skyfall fears drives the people into the caves. But the trembling earthquakes jolt those hardened in their pride back to the Lord.

Verse 22: God discounts the prideful, asking why they should be esteemed. They will give regard to the profound truth that God is the creator, and only He breathes life into man.

Isaiah 2 – The Last Days Apocalypse Judgment

Isaiah 2 – The Last Days Apocalypse Judgment

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