Isaiah 3 – The Great Tribulation and Hitler’s Youth

Isaiah 3 – The Great Tribulation and Hitler’s Youth: Writing Biblical fiction that plausibly represents the Last Days events is my continued goal. In my book, The RaptureThe Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist, I utilize 220 Scriptures to foretell of the Tribulation. It is vital to see, that in book of Isaiah, God declares that He is prophesying into these last days, and in so doing, provides critical details for what is to come.

Difficult times are ahead for many who will remain on the earth after the saints have been raptured and brought into Heaven’s paradise. The last days will see pronounced times of famine and heartache. During the second half of the Tribulation, the Trumpet/Bowl judgments will bring great devastation upon the earth. During this time, the Antichrist will force his will upon mankind. In part, this will involve him raising up an army of young men who are “mere lads” and assigning them to be his “Hitler’s youth-type” brigade. They will command their will upon the older generation without regard.

Verse 1: The atmosphere will be decimated by the initial meteor strikes, along with the great Trumpet judgments. Those who sow seed will be dismayed at the lack of water and the miniscule harvest. At the 3 ? year point, the Antichrist will overtake Israel with his forces. God promises only bread and water to sustain the people during the second half of the Tribulation. Verses 2-3: A person’s status in life will not matter.

Verse 4: Most of his army will be like Hitler’s Youth, where young men will be made leaders over all their seniors.

Verse 5: It will be greatly dishonoring when elders are made subservient to these young, vile men with guns. None will have a voice to lead, for all will be faced with starving from the desolation.

Verse 6: Few will agree to lead, for all will be abased, and every man will seek for his own. Verse 7: None will want the responsibility, knowing there will be no resources and ability to help.

Verse 8: Israel will have sinned greatly in rejecting Jesus as the King of Kings. Verse 9: Their ‘in your face’ rebellion will bring a cry, ‘Woe to them!’ For in rejecting God and His Redeemer, they served their religious statuettes unto their shame, and hoarded the Antichrist’s silver and gold as an idol.

Verse 10: God will cover those who turn back in faith, and will heal them, and provide for them. The Two Witnesses and the 144,000 Jewish saints1 will be His emissaries the world over to minister His love.

Verse 11: But to the wicked, judgment after judgment will fall upon them, the least of which will be enduring famine and drought.

Verse 12: The Antichrist’s Youth, like Hitler’s Youth, will rule over the people. All of them will be false guides who reject Jesus.

Verses 13-14: During the second half of the Tribulation, Israel’s gardened landscape will be devoured, and its habitations will be plundered. Verse 15: God will confront the Antichrist after he devours Israel, God’s vineyard.

Verse 16: The Lord will set Himself against even the physical arrogance of Israel, bringing forth the first bowl of judgment, verse 17, that will cause a loathsome and malignant sore to appear on those loyalists who took the mark of the Antichrist. Thus, their scalp’s will be afflicted. Isn’t it profound that this verse is mirrored in Rev 16:2?!

Verses 18-23: The people will be so afflicted that they will stop adorning themselves with their jewelries, and will stop looking into their mirrors. They will come to cloth themselves just to survive.

Verse 24: So many of the people will die during this time, that their rotting corpses will putrefy in decay. Controlling factions will rise up and will identify themselves with unique brandings.

Verse 25: Men will rise up to kill, believing their survival is at stake, but instead they will fall. Verse 26: The people will lament and mourn their dire circumstances. But still many will remain in their unbelief. Even after they see His great workings, they will fall in ignorance, and fail to discern that He is able to rescue them if only they turn.
1 Revelation 7:4

Isaiah 3 – The Great Tribulation and Hitler’s Youth

Isaiah 3 – The Great Tribulation and Hitler’s Youth

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