The Antichrist Offers Up the Abomination of Desolation

The Antichrist Offers Up the Abomination of Desolation : Hello, my name is Dr. David Orlowski. Our study continues in Daniel 11:22 and following that depict how the Antichrist will gain and exercise power. In my book, The RaptureThe Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist, you can behold how he will come to rule over the world during what the Bible calls the Tribulation. It’s astounding, if you can get mind around it, that Scripture is foretelling in intimate detail, end times events before they occur. As we’ve reiterated, Daniel states unequivocally, “I will tell you the truth” (v.2). We are hearing future events before they happen. Let’s continue.

Verse 22 states, “With the force of a flood they (the Middle-east nations) shall be swept away from before him and be broken, and also their (berith) ally.” The Antichrist will sweep away the Arab nations, along with Russia their ally, with the force of a flood. This may speak of the nuclear blast wave, based on neutron nuclear weapons that incinerate from above while preventing the radiation exposure from fully reaching the earth’s surface.

Verse 23: “And after the league is made with him, he shall act deceitfully, for he shall come up and become strong with a small number of people.” This describes the “league” or pact that the Antichrist makes with the European Union, gaining permission to strike out against the Arab and Russian invaders of Israel. Afterward, the Antichrist will act deceitfully, and will throw off any further ties, and will by himself, seize world power in the wake of the nuclear bombardments that overthrow the three superpowers. Please recall Daniel’s previous prophesies about the bear, or War Horse, that has three ribs in its teeth (chapter 7, verse 5; 8, 20, and 24). The fact that the Antichrist comes to power “with a small number of people”, speaks of what I believe to be the rise of the False Prophet, or in my view, artificial intelligence. In my book, The Rapture – The Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist, I portray artificial intelligence, or a self-learning computer, as becoming a precipitating factor through which the Antichrist gains power. Please note the video on Artificial Intelligence.

Verse 24: “He shall enter peaceably, even into the richest places of the province.” This speaks of the Antichrist so deceiving the nations that he is welcomed to lead, even by the U.S., China, and the world over. “And he shall accomplish what his (ab) father’s house (Satan or associates) could not do.” This tells of the Antichrist finally bringing forth a one world government. “He will distribute plunder, booty and possessions among them.” The Antichrist will assign his underlings to rule over ten regional governmental bodies about the globe. “He will devise his schemes against strongholds, but only for a time.” The Antichrist will work deviously against the countries of the world, to bring all into subjection to him, not just the governments, but the individual people.

Verse 25: “He (Antichrist) will stir up his strength and courage (alah) in accord with the king of the south (Satan) with a very large army, so the king of the South will mobilize an extremely large and mighty army for war, but will not stand, for (machashabah) designs will be devised against his schemes.” This speaks of the Antichrist making war with the saints (Rev 13:7), intending to martyr each and every one of them, but God has foreordained for some to survive.

Verse 26: “Those who eat his (Antichrist’s) choice food will be (shabar) destroyed.” This warns everyone that if they take in and believe the Antichrist’s lies, they will be broken and destroyed. Part B states, “and his army will overflow, but many will fall down slain.” This tells of the Antichrist’s army of unbelievers being enormous to overflowing, but in the end, or Armageddon, they will fall down slain.

Verse 27: “As for both kings, (the Antichrist and Satan), their hearts will be intent on evil, and they will speak lies at the table, but their lies will not (tsalach) succeed, for the end is still to come at the appointed time.” The table spoken of is likely the United Nations, where the Antichrist and ultimately Satan behind him, will come and deceive the world into martyring the saints. But the saints are given assurance that no matter the lies that they tell, their attempts at turning the elect will not prosper (Mt 24:24). Still, the martyrdoms will commence in accord with the Fifth Seal Judgment (note Revelations 6:9-11; 7:9-17; 13:7-10; and 15:1-4).

Verse 28: “Then he (the Antichrist) will return to his land (likely Dubai that will be renamed Babylon) with much plunder, but his heart will be set against the holy covenant, and he will take action or do (Shab) exploits, and then return to his own land.” This speaks of the Antichrist, during the first half of the Tribulation, going to Israel, and being welcomed, being that he was newly raised from the dead, to serve as the Temple’s High Priest for the High Holy Day of Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement. The timing is consistent, given that approximately one year will pass before the Fifth Seal Judgment is broken, which would coincide with this time frame. This would be a remarkable “action taken” by the Antichrist to boast that he is worthy to sprinkle the atoning blood. Many will marvel as they see him wearing the High Priest’s vesture, and making proclamation as to the sins of man being covered.

Verse 29: “At the appointed time (mid-point of the Tribulation), he (the Antichrist) will return into the South (or Israel) again, but this time it will not turn out the way it did before.” At the mid-point of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will come back to Israel believing that when he presents himself as god to the world, he will be duly embraced and worshipped.

Verse 30: “For (tsavah) those of fixed (Kitti) compact, come against him.” This speaks of the religious stalwarts who will not accept that the Antichrist declares himself to be god, but will consider it blasphemy and will tear their clothes and resist him. “Therefore, he will be disheartened and will turn and become enraged at the holy covenant (or Israel) and take action.” The Antichrist will immediately strike out against Israel to kill or take captive all he can lay his hands on. He will see their unwillingness to worship him as a great betrayal, recalling that he saved them from extinction, and blessed them with great prosperity. In a turnabout, it says, “he (the Antichrist) will show regard for those who forsake the holy covenant,” and begin killing all the Jewish people they can get ahold of.

Verse 31: “Forces from him (the Antichrist) will arise, desecrate the sanctuary fortress, and do away with the regular sacrifice. And they will set up the abomination of desolation.” The Antichrist orders the immediate desecration of the Jewish Temple, and puts an end to the Day of Atonement sacrifices. He then orders an abomination of desolation, perhaps a statute of himself, to be set up in the Temple’s Holy of Holies.

Verse 32: “By smooth words he will turn to godlessness those who act wickedly toward the covenant.” The Antichrist will win over the godless people and coax them into striking out against God, Jesus and the Jewish people. But Daniel continues, “but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.” This encouragement is spoken to all those who survive the first 3 ? years of Tribulation, showing that God will strengthen them to continue bearing witness to His love and grace. God will also send them the Two Witnesses and 144,000 Witnesses (Rev 7:2; 14:1-5) to strengthen and protect them.

Verse 33: “Those who have insight among the people will give understanding to the many.” This tells that many will be caught off guard as to the prophetic nature of the things playing themselves out. But those who discern the truth, will give them insight. Still, many will fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plunder for many days (v.33).

Verse 34: “Now when they fall, they will be granted a little help, and many will join with them (lavah) or cleave to them, given the (chalaqlaqqoth) fine promise (of eternal life).” Verse 35: “Some of those who have insight will fall, in order to refine, purge and make them pure until the end time, because it is still to come at the appointed time.” During the second half of the Tribulation, the emboldened saints will rise up and testify as to God’s love and grace. Being fearless, they will not consider their lives as dear to themselves, but will unabashedly proclaim Jesus their King. In those hours, their faith, which was formerly dormant, perhaps at the fear of their lives, will awaken and declare itself, something Daniel equates to refining, purging and purifying their hearts. Some of these will be martyred.

That’s all the time we have. Don’t miss my book, The Rapture – The Tribulation Reign of the Antichrist, that will awaken you to the day in which we live. Truly, the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. In short order, the prophesized Tribulation will come forth. My name is Dr. David Orlowski. In our next video, we will pick up at verse 35. Don’t miss it.

The Antichrist Offers Up the Abomination of Desolation

The Antichrist Offers Up the Abomination of Desolation


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